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The freshness of the environment is promising to continue life. We endeavor to protect the environment in DANONE NUTRICIA because the health of us humans and other living beings depends on this. Thus, we want you to accompany and provide us with your valuable suggestions in order to take care of the environment and also bring joy and happiness to ourselves and our children.

Address: No. 17, 31st Street, Alvand Street, Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98 21) 41397000

Fax: (+98 21) 41397397

Postal Code: 1516657911

If you have any questions about the Aptamil products, please contact:

(+98 21) 88735493

If you have any questions about the products of Bebelac, please contact:

(+98 21) 88735233

If you have any questions about Bebemum product, please contact:

(+98 21) 88735988