Toddlers are not mini Adults

The stomach volume of children is about one-fifth of an adult. So, each spoon of baby food should contain more nutrients than the adults. As a result, a child should have a balanced and rich diet during her/his growth.

Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy are among the most important elements of a rich diet. However, it may be difficult to get all of these materials to the required and balanced levels. Fortified milk powder is a simple, useful and affordable solution.

Fortified milk powder for Toddlers

In a balanced diet, children should drink at least 300 ml of milk a day. That’s why the German Milupa company has designed Bebejunior’s special formula tailored to your child’s nutritional needs.

  • Vitamin D and calcium
    for normal growth and child bone health
  • Iron and omega-3
    for baby’s brain development
  • Prebiotics
    to increase intestinal beneficial bacteria
  • improve digestive function
  • better digestion of milk
  • and stool softness of the baby

Ingredients in Bebejunior fortified milk powder


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