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Comparison of Nutrients in Bebemum and Cow’s Milk

During breastfeeding, mothers should receive some nutrients more compared to pregnancy and the pre-pregnancy period. In this manner, not only the supply of mother’s body is kept intact during breastfeeding, but also the baby will grow better by improving the quality of breast milk.
According to researches, more than half of Iranian mothers are in need of some vitamins and minerals from the pregnancy period. Although cow’s milk consumption is a very important part of lactation, the amount of iron, zinc, vitamins including vitamin D and essential fatty acids (omega-3) is very small in it. These deficiencies can be overcome by drinking Bebemum fortified milk powder.

Provide mother’s daily nutritional need through a glass of Bebemum milk in comparison to a glass of cow’s milk

Mother’s Daily Need
During Lactation
Cow Milk
Calcium mg 1000 236 500
Phosphorus mg 700 168 320
Iron mg 9 0.1 6
Zinc mg 12 0.76 6
Iodine mcg 290 5.4 170
Vitamin A mcg-RE 1300 80 660
Vitamin D mcg 15 0.14 10
Vitamin B1 mcg 1400 90 800
Folic acid mcg 500 10 150
Vitamin C mg 120 4 60
Vitamin E mg-α TE 19 0.2 5

پودر شیر غنی شده مخصوص مادران در دوران شیردهی

Bebemum Fortified Milk Powder

The new packaged Bebemum, a product of the German Milupa Company, has been created to support the continuation of breastfeeding, its vanilla flavor has been specifically tailored for the taste of Iranian mothers.

The Ingredients Contained in the Bebemum Fortified Milk Powder

Omega 6 and Omega 3 (DHA) for the Development of the brain and the vision system, calcium and vitamin D for bone strength, and prebiotics to improve the function of the child’s digestion system.

Benefits of Bebemum Fortified Milk Powder

Mothers with a daily intake of 1 glass of fortified Bebemum milk, can supply 50% of her nutritional needs to iron, calcium, vitamin D, omega 6, and omega 3 (DHA).

Maternal Nutrition during Breastfeeding

The mother’s diet during breastfeeding is different from pregnancy. The mother’s diet during lactation should include various ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Baby Breast Feeding

A baby’s well-being more than anything is dependent on the feeding style, especially in the first 1000 days of life. Breastfeeding up to two years of age is undoubtedly the best way to feed your baby.

Drinking Cow’s Milk during Lactation

While drinking cow’s milk is good, but the amount of iron, zinc, and various vitamins, including vitamin D and essential fatty acids (omega-3) are very small.

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