In 2008, Mashhad Milk Powder Industries Co. and the French DANONE NUTRICIA Co. signed a joint venture partnership agreement
and started to operate under the name of NUTRICIA MMP.


A large portion of our raw materials is supplied from EU countries such as Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland which are then used to manufacture a wide range of our products.

All the equipment of this company as well as the implemented production processes are fully automatic and are controlled by internal and external observers under precise quality control measures. Being conformed to standards of the World Health Organization (WHO, Codex Alimentarious) and the European Union, as well as getting the final approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran, our products will be delivered to domestic and foreign markets.


After acquiring international certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSMS22000, and HACCP from the credible London-based Lloyd’s Institute for the first time in the milk powder industry, this complex acquired the Food Safety Management Certificate from the SGS Institute, and in 2011, for the first time in Iran, we have achieved the production technology of special formulas, including lactose-free and anti-reflux formulas.

We are proud that over the last few years with the production of quality products for infants, in addition to obtaining international certificates and standards, we have also received numerous awards and certificates from domestic agencies and organizations such as:

Provincial Distinguished Unit for Food Safety of the year 2016

Food and Drug Dept. of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Observing Consumer Rights of the year 2016

Union of Exporters of Khorasan Razavi Province

National Distinguished Unit of the year 2009

The Ministry of Mine & Industry’s Greatest Award, was Granted by the President

Provincial Distinguished Exporter of the year 2015

Donor Organization: Khorasan Razavi Exporter Union

Environmental Policy

We at Mashhad Milk Powder Industries Co. (NUTRICIA MMP), produce our products with the highest level of standard to be distributed to domestic and overseas markets.

According to DANONE’s policy, we have a special focus on environmental protection in all production related processes at Mashhad Milk Powder Company. In this regard, the followings are always considered:

  • Putting DANONE’s environmental principles, protecting the environment, at the heart of our business and commiting ourselves to incorporating all environmental laws and standards into our activities.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gases) by optimally utilizing energy and water resources, reducing waste generation, reusing wastes, and recycling.
  • Preventing incidents and reducing negative environmental impacts through ongoing conservation activities, daily management of production activities, implementation of training, and improving management practices.
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to promote similar activities.
  • Defining measurable environmental objectives, implementing continuous control measures, and improving and regular review of company’s activities based on these objectives in terms of economic and technical feasibility.
  • Using necessary tools to create a meaningful and effective relationship with regulatory and supervisory organizations.
  • Organizing training courses for employees to ensure that they understand, apply, and develop these principles throughout the business.
  • All staff, in their daily tasks, considering the environmental requirements and trying to care for this policy.
  • In order to accomplish these goals, the environmental policy of the company is formulated and carefully implemented and maintained. The policy will also be introduced to all partners, customers, suppliers, and contractors of the company and will be reviewed and updated on a biannual basis.