Products for Mothers & Toddlers


In a balanced diet, children should drink at least 300 ml milk a day. For this reason, the German Milupa has developed the Bebejunior enriched exclusive milk powder formula to fit your child’s nutritional needs. Drinking two glasses of milk per day provide vitamin D and the nutritional requirements of the baby’s body. Read More


Bebemum enriched milk powder is a production of the German Milupa company to support the continuation of breastfeeding. Bebemum is an enriched milk powder that can provide up to 50% of mother’s nutritional needs for important substances such as iron, calcium, DHA, and vitamin D with 1 glass of milk consumption a day. Read More


The DANONE NUTRICIA Company in Netherlands has designed the advanced formulation of Aptakid to fit children’s nutrition needs. Based on the fact that growing children, as part of a balanced diet, require about 300 to 500 ml of milk per day. Aptakid milk powder contains prebiotics, omega-3, calcium, vitamin D, and iron. Read More