Research and Development Unit

DANONE NUTRICIA ELN has always been one of the leading baby nutrition producers in the world. In this regard, in 1946, the NUTRICIA Research Center in the Netherlands was established, which, in collaboration with internationally recognized universities and centers, is working to provide the closest formula to breastmilk to maintain the health, growth, and development of newborns.
Nowadays, DANONE NUTRICIA ELN has three major research centers in the Netherlands, China, and Singapore. having the state of art technology, they, collaborate with more than 1500 top scientists and more than 200 international scientific research centers to try to pursuit its mission: “we make every day count for you and your baby


Digestion Health

The development of the digestion system does not occur at birth. When after birth, the baby’s digestion system starts to form, the development of infant’s digestion system is determined. An appropriate nutrition has a great role in the development of the digestion system and the metabolism of the baby’s body.

Brain Health

Over the past decade, we have been conducting extensive research using scientifically validated methods to study the effects of nutritional constituents on different parts of the brain. Our goal is to provide new nutrition concepts with the brain health approach in adulthood.

Product Development

Combining science and technology to achieve the best nutrition type
Our knowledge of the physical properties, interactions, and microbiological structure of the raw materials ensures the stability and quality of our products.

Immune System development

A good diet for the development of children’s immune systems against disease
In the first years of life, the baby is prone to digestive and respiratory infections because of more exposure to the environment and the presence of environmental pollution and the lack of development of his immune system. Having an appropriate diet can reduce the risk of these diseases in children.

Discover the Secrets of Breast milk

Breast milk is the best kind of nutrition for babies. Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both mother and baby for short and long term use.
Our researchers are trying to encourage mothers to breastfeed their children by discovering effective factors on breastfeeding and enriching it.

Understanding Customer Interests

Our commitments are not limited to providing nutritional products for children and mothers. We also consider other important issues in our studies, including:

  • Providing correct information to the consumer
  • Appropriate product packaging
  • Delivering the Experience of a delicious flavor
  • Delivering the Experience of a good feeling during product consumption
  • Impressive effects after consuming products


Our goal is to examine the needs and challenges of any area in which DANONE is active. That’s why our researchers and scientists are working all around the world. Our researchers work in 6 main research centers (4 specialized research centers and 2 major international research centers) and 55 local research and development branches in 55 countries. The presence of these local centers will help us to produce the ultimate products in each region in a manner that is close to the taste and needs of that particular region.


Research has shown that during the baby’s early life, the importance of nutritional needs and the quality of a child’s diet, play an important role in his health in adulthood. The main purpose of the research and development unit is to create the basis for having a strong and healthy base in the early days of the child’s life. For this purpose, in our production process, our products are examined in two aspects:

  • Validation of products properties from scientific aspect and suitability for future infants and mothers (pregnant women) according to their nutritional needs
  • Compatibility of the taste of products with infants and mothers according to their geographical location

Our scientists at the DANONE Research and Development Unit are always looking for innovations in the field of baby food.